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…..........……services to help you reach your gaols, your personal best.


A Personal Motivational Coach will help you reach your goals & 

become all that you can be.


  Working together to put the pieces together. 


You will partner with your Personal Motivational Coach (PMC) to determine how to achieve your personal best.  PMC combines the best of psychotherapy & coaching to help you establish the steps necessary to set, reach, achieve & optimize your personal best, to be all you want to be, to reach your "Totality".       

  • Life PMC is a collaborative process that helps you achieve your life’s goals personally and/or professionally.  You'll discuss relationships (typically a key to achieving most personal & professional desires), feeling depressed, choices, stress management, self image, self confidence, counterproductive habits.

  • Wellness PMC is a collaborative effort, that will help you figure out ways to feel good, kick a habit, keep your weight under control, manage pain, manage stress, and enhance your self esteem.

You can work with your PMC on the phone or in-person. 


Personal motivation coaching helps individuals, couples, groups and corporations optimize their potential, improve their relationships, reach their goals.  

When you are in a crossroad in your life, and not sure which path to take, let your Personal Motivational Coach help you figure out the path that’s right for you.


Lori Metz, founder of Personal Motivation Coaching is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), and a Certified Case Manager (CCM), with over 20 years of experience.  Lori has designed, developed and implemented a wide variety of programs throughout her career.  These programs have been geared towards enhancing a person's quality of life.


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